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Five Things to do During Winter in Marseille, France

While Marseille is a Mediterranean landmark, the city does experience a changing of seasons. Fall and winter are definitely mild, but a yearly mistral (strong and cold winds that sweep through Southern France), and expected temperature drops make beach-going and cliff-diving during the end of the year less appealing for most. I wrote a guide to the city (read it here) based on my summer travels, which is the busiest season for Marseille. However, there are still many things to do in the city when it gets a little cooler. Here are five things to do:

1) Watch the sunset at Vallon des Auffes

A hidden gem often overlooked by tourists, this tiny fishing neighborhood (pictured above) may be the most charming corner of the city. Two of Marseille’s most loved restaurants also reside here (Chez Jeannot and Chez Fonfon). An early dinner overlooking the boats and Mediterranean sea is an ideal way to end the day.

2) Shop at Les Docks Village

Inside this modern industrial building is a shopping center known as Les Docks, made up of independent shops and restaurants. The diverse and eclectic offerings and contemporary architecture make it more unique than a typical mall.

3) Spend an afternoon at MUCEM

The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (MUCEM) helped Marseille earn its title as European Capital of Culture in 2013. Since, the museum has presented a diverse catalogue of art and historical exhibitions. 

4) Check out Château Borély

In the heart of Park Borély, stands the grand Chateau Borély, an 18th century castle that has now been converted to a museum for decorative arts and fashion. The grounds feature a landscaped garden and stone fountains.

5) Have nighttime drinks at the Vieux Port

Even if it is wintertime, most businesses on the Vieux Port stay running. This includes bars that provide outdoor seating all year round, simply turning on heated lamps for chillier days. Try L’Exit Café or Le Pelle Mêle. 

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