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Best vegan food chains in France!

As the demand for plant-based options continues to rise, vegan food chains are making their mark in France. They offer delicious alternatives to traditional fast food. From hearty burgers to nutritious bowls, these establishments cater to both vegans and non-vegans alike. Let’s explore some of the top vegan food chains in the country.

1- Hank, The King of Vegan Burgers

Craving crispy fries paired with a hearty burger? Look no further than Hank, the ultimate vegan fast-food joint! Managed by a spirited, committed team, this establishment is one of the oldest vegan fast-food chains in France, with locations in Lyon, Lille, and Paris. Through delicious 100% plant-based recipes, it flawlessly recreates the iconic dishes of fast food. From melted faux cheese on homemade potatoes to artisanal buns and creative sauces, Hank showcases originality that even skeptics find irresistible. A true delight!

2- Copper Branch

With branches in Boulogne, Clermont-Ferrand, Paris, Nîmes, and Annecy, Copper Branch is a Canadian chain offering a 100% plant-based menu. Copper Branch’s vegan recipes are crafted to be both indulgent and bursting with flavors. All our recipes are vegan, balanced, and varied to provide you with the energy your body needs to function properly. We are committed to offering you European products that are good for the planet. You’ll relish every bite of our veggie menu, filled with original blends and varied textures. Enjoy plates brimming with fresh vegetables prepared by our chefs, accompanied by plant-based proteins from legumes and grains to keep you energized during breaks without weighing you down.

3- Furahaa

With locations in Paris and Strasbourg, Furahaa is a 100% vegan fast-food chain. It offers dishes that bear a striking resemblance to major fast-food chains but with a significant added value: making a plant-based diet accessible to all, whether vegan or non-vegan. The idea is to savor appetizing burgers and other burritos, free from any animal products (meat, milk, eggs, honey, fish), all conceptualized by the founder. Today, Furahaa stands as a reference in the vegan community in France.

4- Bonus Tips: VegOresto

With VegOresto, easily find vegan dining options around you through our online directory and mobile apps! Since 2015, we have been showcasing vegan-friendly restaurants, snack bars, hotels, and guest tables, and every week we challenge chefs: « Create a vegan menu for one meal, and we promise to fill your restaurant! » VegOresto is an initiative by the animal rights association L214, with 3387 partner establishments.


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