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National Day : July 14

National Day, also known as July 14, is a very important day in France. It depicts the celebration of the storming of the Bastille in 1789, an event that marked the start of the French Revolution. Since then, the French have celebrated this day with military parades, fireworks and rallies in the streets.

The military parade

The military parade is one of the main attractions of National Day in France. It takes place on the Champs-Élysées in Paris and is open to the public. Thousands of people attend this impressive parade each year, which includes tanks, planes, helicopters and soldiers in uniform. The President of the French Republic is also present for the occasion.

The firework

Fireworks are another important element of the Fête Nationale in France. Cities in France organize fireworks shows to celebrate this day. The Paris fireworks display is the most famous of all, and it takes place near the Eiffel Tower. Thousands of people gather on the banks of the Seine to watch this spectacular pyrotechnic show.

Gatherings in the streets

National Day is also an opportunity for the French to gather in the streets to celebrate. The popular balls are organized in the cities of France and people dance until the end of the night. The streets are also filled with food and drink stalls, creating a festive atmosphere throughout the country.

National Day in France is an important event that celebrates the history and culture of France. The military parade, fireworks and rallies in the streets are all key elements of this celebration. If you are lucky enough to be in France on July 14, do not hesitate to take part in the festivities and discover the French festive spirit.


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