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Fév 01
Best coffee shops in Paris!

Discover the vibrant coffee culture of Paris as we take you on a journey through the city’s best cafés. From the cozy hidden gems to trendy coffeehouses in bustling neighborhoods, Paris boasts a plethora of options for coffee enthusiasts. Join us as we explore the top cafés where you can indulge in expertly brewed coffee, […]

Jan 30
Your ultimate guide for your Erasmus in Paris!

Embarking on a journey as an exchange student in Paris is not just about attending classes. It’s an immersive experience into one of the world’s most vibrant cities. From navigating the intricate housing market to discovering the pulse of student life, every aspect contributes to shaping your Parisian adventure. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk […]

Jan 25
Your ultimate guide to the public transportation system in Paris!

Navigating the bustling streets of the famous capital of France, Paris can be an adventure in itself. However with the city’s efficient public transportation system, getting around becomes a breeze. In this guide, we’ll delve into the essentials of Parisian public transit, from the iconic metro to the expansive bus network and even nocturnal options. […]

Juil 07
Juil 07
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