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Line 12: Volontaires

Chat Mallows Café, 30 rue des Volontaires, 75015 Paris

Reservations required :

An original concept

In this tea room like no other, you are in the territory of felines because it has been designed for their well-being, so you are only the guest ! This concept came straight to us from Taiwan, but it is in Japan that it is becoming a real phenomenon. This can be explained by the fact that pets are prohibited in the buildings and therefore the only way to be in regular contact with a cat was possible only through this type of establishment.

A variety of choices

The place offers hot drinks, pastries, or even omelets in the company of a dozen playful, friendly, sociable cats and for some in search of caresses.

If you don’t want to eat or drink, it is possible to spend a few euros to spend some time with these kitties.

Finally, there are other cat bars that have developed in Paris. So if you are an animal lover, want a moment of relaxation and an atypical experience, come and test!


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